Author Topic: Happy "accidents"  (Read 549 times)

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Happy "accidents"
« on: March 21, 2015, 01:45:42 AM »
I can't say it was a total accident..... as, I had "hoped" it would turn out well........ but.....

Exactly 1 month ago, a former college roomate/fellow brewer came for a brew weekend. We were brewing up a RIS to eventually age in a bourbon barrel.  We did a double mash - same 16lb grainbill in each of two mashes, @80% efficiency.  Collected 4 gallons of first runnings off of each mash into a boil kettle for a 1.115 RIS.  Collected 3 gallons of second runnings off of each mash in a bucket and made a second boil out of it.   Added some Pilsner DME to get gravity up to about 1.055.  Hopped to 45 IBU's with Northern Brewer(60), Liberty (30) and Tettnang (0).    Pitched German Lager X to the wort...... basically figured we would get some kind of second beer out of our RIS that was sort of a Schwarzbier/baltic porter/black lager "thing".......   I don't know exactly what we made, but my oh my is it good.  I would say it is sort of an overly roasty schwarzbier (kind of like Sprecher Black Bavarian maybe if you have had it).   

Just tried some tonight.  not really carbed up.  only a 4 week old lager, but, damn..... I love it when a plan comes together.    Clean, roasty, drinkable - just a great "accidental brew."  Last time we brewed a Belgian Dark Strong, we made a weird second runnings beer and pitched saison yeast to it.... it was out of this world too.   

Nothing like making a wonderfully delicious beer that is virtually impossible to replicate because it is a "second runnings" beer :o 

grain bill was:
50% Maris Otter
20% Munich
6% Wheat
6% Flaked Barley
5% Fawcett Chocolate
5% Midnight Wheat
3% Roast Barley
3% Crystal 60
1.5% Special B

Like I said, I am not sure what we made, but it is not going to last long.  Here is to happy accidents ;D
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Re: Happy "accidents"
« Reply #1 on: March 21, 2015, 02:21:44 AM »
Cheers, both to happy accidents and second runnings beer.

I once put 1 gallon of saison on some persian mulberries a friend gave me. it was my first sour beer and sooooo good. only a gallon of it and it was gone.

so far my best witbeer, according to my wife, was the second runnings of a wheat wine. They are just great. makes for a long brewday though.
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Re: Happy "accidents"
« Reply #2 on: March 21, 2015, 01:38:30 PM »
Always a good idea to keep detailed notes. I don't of course so my various rare gems are always just that. One-offs...
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