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Ok was going to make a barley wine but, am like 50mls short of slurry so figured I would make a smaller IIPA.  Here is recipe.  I am not sure if I want the warrior hop as a bittering or a First Wort Hop to add to finishing flavor.

18lbs 2-row
1lbs Sugar
.75lbs Crystal 20L
.75lbs Crystal 80L
.25lbs Pale Chocolate
.25lbs Special B

1oz Magnum 60min
1oz Warrior 60min or FWH(Not sure yet)
1oz Centennial 5min
2oz Amarillo 2min
2oz Chilook 2min
1oz Chinook 5imin

1.086 OG
1.021 FG
104 IBU

I think I would lose the pale chocolate and special B or maybe cut back on the 80 and sub them in.  What yeast are you planning on using?  FG of 1.021 is way too high for an IIPA IMHO.  I like mine to finish around 12 or 14 tops.

I would agree that 1.021 is a little high for an IIPA.  I also like mine lower, they should be a show-case for hops 1.5 lbs of crystal malt is kinda high.  Of course that is just my opinion, if you want a lot of malt sweetness to balance, then go for it. 

One thing I will say that you need to add are dry-hops.  They really give you that hop aroma and up-front flavor that style is supposed to have.  I've gone anywhere between 3 and 8 oz in a IIPA and love to blend Columbus, Simcoe, Amarillo, and chinook about 40%, 25%, 20%, 15% respectively.

I am using US-05 and was going to dry hop with 2-3oz but, not sure with what yet.  Still designing recipe.  But, now realize I only have 200mls slurry and would need 250mls for this beer so still figuring what I should do?  Another thing, on beertools no matter what I do I can't get FG under 1.020.  But, that is on beer tools and when I actually make beer mine come out more like 1.014 so why is that?

Here is what I modified Recipe to look like:

14lbs 2-row
1lbs Sugar
.5lbs Crystal 80L

1oz Magnum 60min
1oz Warrior FWH
1oz Centennial 5min
2oz Amarillo 2min
2oz Chilook 2min
1oz Chinook 5imin

1oz  Amarillo, Chinook, Columbus and sincoe dry hopped

1.017 FG
84 IBU

I'd bump the crystal up to a lb. for flavor, as well as subbing maybe 2-4 lb. of Munich for the pale malt.  Maybe add another 1/2 lb. of sugar.  And I'm not a fan of Magnum for bittering IPA/IIPA.  I prefer something more aggressive.


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