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Hey, Everyone,

    I recently finished my basement and did so in a Swamp Bar with a Brewery theme.  The walls were done with reclaimed sheet metal from a sheep farm in Idaho and the wood is cedar.  I am also very pleased to say that the brew area cranks out some great beer!  By using induction as my heat source, I'm able to brew safely in the basement year round, while also being able to hang with my family

Here's a picture of the Swamp Bar.  The Spanish Moss throughout is from the swamps in Georgia and I boiled it before hanging to get rid of any critters.  The skeleton on the end is wearing the actual dress that the character Venus wore on Sons of Anarchy.  It also has "Skankenstein's" Jumper Cables attached.  The cables were used at SoA's Redwoody Studios during the beginning of an episode during the last season.  Instead of electricity going into the bolts on Frankenstein's neck, the electricity went into the Adult Film Star playing the character of Skankenstein at pretty much the same area you see on the skeleton.  The boots you see behind the bar were the screen-worn boots worn by the SoA characters Chibs and Rat Boy.  The gloves you see on the AR-15 below the window were also screen-worn by Rat Boy's character, as is a chain hanging from the bar.  If you look closely at the vertical support beam, you'll notice a wooden handled and homemade frog gig that we use to gig frogs in the Summer (nothing goes better with beer than frog legs!), as well as some old blocks that were used on an old farm in Illinois.  In the wider shot, you can see an antique beer tap/pump along the frame of the grey door.

WP_20150323_15_55_48_Pro by ShorewoodBrewery, on Flickr

WP_20150323_15_56_16_Pro by ShorewoodBrewery, on Flickr

The "window" in the back was made from reclaimed barn wood from a farm in Florida and houses a flat screen TV that plays swamp sounds and scenic videos, with the idea being that it's like you're looking out of a window into the swamp.  The silver ice bucket on the bar is the actual bucket used by Breaking Bad's Walter White character in the final season episode "Rabid Dog".  One of the mats along the railing of the bar was used onscreen at the bar SAMCRO would drink while at Redwoody for SOA.

WP_20150323_15_56_41_Pro by ShorewoodBrewery, on Flickr

WP_20150323_16_15_27_Pro by ShorewoodBrewery, on Flickr

I handmade the lights hanging from the bar roof out of rope and electrical parts and the posters on the walls were signed by Ryan Bingham for one and Luther & Cody Dickinson of the North Mississippi Allstars for the other

WP_20150323_16_14_54_Pro by ShorewoodBrewery, on Flickr

WP_20150323_16_17_15_Pro by ShorewoodBrewery, on Flickr

I made the tapper out of plumbing parts and a persevered alligator head and claws.  The block of wood on which the claws are mounted are oven roasted oak that were used to impart a nice smoky flavor into a buddy's English Mild that was brewed in the brewery area

WP_20150323_16_14_06_Pro by ShorewoodBrewery, on Flickr

The kegorator holds 3 corny kegs:

WP_20150323_16_29_08_Pro by ShorewoodBrewery, on Flickr

WP_20150323_16_28_47_Pro by ShorewoodBrewery, on Flickr

After drinking a bunch of brews, one can relieve themselves in the outhouse.  The clock on the side was used onscreen during Sons of Anarchy, at Tellor Morrow on the wall in the office.  If you look for it when you watch an episode with a scene in the office, you'll see it high above the desk.  The skulls are from raccoons and were found in the woods by my buddy.

WP_20150323_15_59_15_Pro by ShorewoodBrewery, on Flickr

The brew area is attached to the right side of the outhouse

WP_20150323_16_09_44_Pro by ShorewoodBrewery, on Flickr

WP_20150323_16_10_06_Pro by ShorewoodBrewery, on Flickr

WP_20150323_16_11_00_Pro by ShorewoodBrewery, on Flickr

Going all induction required a considerable amount of research to get the burners, correct pots, etc.  However, it was well worth it to be able to safely brew in the basement and still have a powerful heat source.  I can heat 6.5 gallons of worth from sparge temperature to boiling in about 18 minutes with the 3500 Watt burner.  If anyone wants the details on the burners and equipment, just ask.  I just use gravity and it works really well with this setup.  I do have a pump and a plate chiller for cooling (don't need it to transfer), though I don't think it's really worth the effort. I do also filter the water from the sink into the HLT.  The Hop Rocket is not pictured, because it is a huge pain in the butt (I'll save that for other stories).  We mill our own grains immediately prior to brewing.

WP_20150323_16_10_27_Pro by ShorewoodBrewery, on Flickr

Finally, a big view of most of the basement.  The shark in the background was caught by my Son and the life ring is off of a boat in Alaska on which I served while enlisted in the United States Coast Guard

WP_20150323_16_13_01_Pro by ShorewoodBrewery, on Flickr

The bar and brew area turned-out pretty much exactly as I envisioned.  I wanted it to have a sense of history and everything within to have special meaning.   It's really nice to have a place to brew and drink great beers while still being part of the family.


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That's sweet man looks like a hell of hang out and brew spot,   Guessing you know somebody to get all The great SOA gear that's awesome

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WP_20150323_15_55_48_Pro by ShorewoodBrewery, on Flickr

on flickr, click the 'more ways to share' icon, the little box with an arrow coming out of it, and select bbcode. copy paste that into the thread and you are good to go.

nice looking space!
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Thanks for the tip, morticaixavier!  hophead636, The Sons of Anarchy and Breaking Bad items were won in on an online auction within the past few months. is the website and it was open to the public. 

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I like the black pipe tower. You should put together a build sheet.

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Man, one hell of a build.  I'm green with envy.  I agree, the pipe tower is really cool.
Jon H.

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Wow, that is a really amazing space you created, I am envious and drooling!

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Great job. I love the outhouse and the fact that you have some decent sized windows in your basement.
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This is really beyond cool.  Great job!

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That is an awesome setup! Nice work!

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absolutely amazing, nice work!
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Holy crap that's cool!
Great job.
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Awesome place, working on mine right now.
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If that's not the coolest basement I've ever seen...

The dream man-cave.
Nice work!
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