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Priming keg with corn sugar


Hi all,
I kegged for the first time, a basic blonde, and used priming sugar to carbonate.  Reason I did this, is I wont be around this weekend and I didnt want to force carbonate when I wasnt around to keep an eye on things in case of leaks, etc.
My questions are:  How long before it will be ready, (keg at 67-68 degrees) to be at 2.5 serving volume
and what serving pressure should I use?  I have a basic picnic tap with about 5 feet of hose.
I will be dispensing at around 45 degrees.
Thanks everybody!

It will take about as long to condition in a keg as it takes to bottle condition.  You'll have to play with the serving pressure with a picnic tap, 5' of beer line @ 45F.  I'm guessing you might want to start @ 10 PSI if  the entire keg, beer line & picnic tap be @ 45F.  If you can't control the foam you may need a longer beer line.

Thanks, Hamiltont!  Will start with your suggestion, then play around with it to see what works best.


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