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Who is a famous person that you've had a beer with?

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Mine is Billy Carter back in 1977.  In the early days of the Carter years, we did a tour of Plains Georgia.  We took a side expedition onto the side roads and soon located the Carter family home.  We knocked on the door and Lillian answered the door.  Billy came out later and there on the front porch was a keg of PBR.  This was before Billy Beer so he was then known to be a Pabst drinker.  Pabst at the time supplied him with an unlimited supply of beer.

What's your story?

   Not really a person, but I did have a beer on the 87th floor of the Empire State building.

If Denny drank alone - could he count that?

I got nothing, not even a beer in a really tall building.


I've met a ton of famous people but never drank with them.

Likewise.  Although, if I could drink with one, it would probably be Billy Joel.


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