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Briess malts in Bay Area?


This started as a recipe-thread discussion about cloning Bell's Two-Hearted Ale. I have been unable to find Briess Munich malt in the San Francisco Bay Area. I've tried Brewcraft, Oak Barrel Winecraft, and both Morebeer showrooms (Los Altos and Concord). Am I missing any local stores? (Seven Bridges is a little far--at that point I might as well mail-order.)

I'm not losing any sleep over this... I can always try another brand or mail-order some grain... was just surprised to find how hard it was to get a particular grain in this area.

I usually use buying grain as the excuse to make the pilgrimage to Santa Cruz  :) (especially during the summer concert series at the Boardwalk), so I tend to stick with Seven Bridges.

The Briess website lists:

Brewmaster (Homebrew Shops)
2315 Verna Ct
San Leandro, CA 94577
Tel. 510.351.8920
Fax. 510.351.4090

They have a good retail store (not a good retail website).  You might try calling them.

Thanks! (And I agree on any excuse to go to Santa Cruz!)

I seem to have the opposite problem.  The two closest LHBS to me seem to carry Briess malts almost exclusively - with a few exceptions.  Fortunately, there's a shop a little farther away (about 45 minutes) that carries better variety and fresher yeast.  I sometimes have to go near the farther shop for work so, with a little planning, I can get what I need.  Even so, I still end up mail-ordering ingredients from time to time.


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