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Everyone send in their form?

I did it right away which I think was last year. I have since been through three (3), thirty (30) min. plus interviews on the phone. All three were to clarify things that I had clearly filled out on the form. I thought it was crazy the amount of my time that they were taking, basically a thirty min call that should take about ten mins.

As if that isnt a PITA enough, three weeks ago a woman started coming by. Wants to come in the house and conduct a 40 min interview. I siad OK and she came in. She pulls out the regular form that we filled out last year. I explained that I did already fill out the form. She said that she has no information on that and would like to fill it out again. I replied "NO" I dont want myself or my family to be counted twice, and we did our part already. She tried to continue and I asked her to leave.

I called the Census bureaus field office and told them the situation. Gave them my phone number and told them to look up my info cause I will not go through another interview.

Now, there is another more aggressive man coming by, stops here two or three times a day stacking up the little notices you put on the door. He was just here and I didnt answer the door.

Im being harassed and Im really annoyed and angry.  >:(

How odd.. the census forms arrived here.. I don't know 2-3 months ago, filled it out in 5 minutes and haven't heard anything since. I've seen the census workers walking the neighborhood trying to mop up the stragglers (and a friend of mine is actually doing it in another part of town)

Sounds like you just got caught in a paperwork snafu.

Yeah, turned ours in right away and haven't heard a thing since.  Did, though, get caught last weekend.  Was out working in the garden and the Census guy was looking for my next door neighbors.  They're on work assignment in Australia for a year and won't be back till July.  I got to be their "proxy" for the Census dude.


--- Quote from: capozzoli on May 22, 2010, 07:08:58 PM ---
Im being harassed and Im really annoyed and angry.  >:(

--- End quote ---

Considering half the questions were "are you hispanic" and "are you sure you're not hispanic" I can't imagine having to spend that much time on it.

1. Can your in-laws answer the door, not speak English, and insist on "whatever" language so they send you someone your in-laws can talk to?
2. Call the local news station and ask them to investigate.
3. Get the guys name, and file a restraining order.
4. Get a guard dog.

Easiest way for it to go away is swig a couple beers and answer the Q's, but I know that's not your style.  ;)

Or invite them in and answer all the questions like Dr. Evil and give the
pinky finger One Million!

How many people live here?
One Million!


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