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Tap It IPA Recipe
« on: April 30, 2015, 10:00:22 PM »
Hello all,
New to brewing. I know there is an old thread about this beer and the recipe but I was hoping to bring it up again because to me, this IS one of the best IPA's I've had. It's fresh, with a lovely grapefruit and fresh hop flavor (aroma). I really want to brew this beer and was wondering if anyone has been able to duplicate the flavors as of yet? I'm in CA, and sent Tap It, located in SLO, an email for their recipe with no response, this was over a month I doubt I'll hear back. I'm doing 5 gallon all grain batches at the moment. My personal favorite I've brewed to date is a Black IPA recipe kit I've gotten from Seven Bridges. Thanks for any help, sorry to beat a dead horse.

Been reading a bit more, the original post by beerloard has this recipe from erockrph:

Most breweries have enough info on their label and/or website to make a first pass at the recipe. It's 7% ABV, their distributor lists it at 72 IBU's on their webpage. They mention FWH, medium caramel malt, Citra and Simcoe in the description. Never having tried the beer, my WAG for a first pass at a recipe would be:

1.070 OG

95% 2-row
5% Crystal 40

72 IBU's FWH using equal amounts of Citra and Simcoe
2 oz each at flameout
2 oz each for dry hops

Cal ale yeast fermented low 60's

I doubt it would be a dead-on clone, but I do this all the time to ballpark a first-pass at a recipe based on a beer I like. Usually there's enough information available to make a guesstimate at a starting recipe with just a little bit of digging. Start at the simplest possible recipe, then adjust to taste.

I'm wondering if Tap it is getting their "grapefruit" taste by using Amarillo hops? If so, anyone have a suggestion on when to add it, and how much for a 5 gallon batch? I was just thinking of using some dried grapefruit peels...
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