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Core Brewing Concepts
« on: May 06, 2015, 03:55:12 pm »
Not a nice way to join a forum but needs must be met.

I need to bring to your attention a company called Core Brewing Concepts. He was a retailer here in Australia until recently when he folded his business and fled back to the states where it appears he is starting up again. The man is a scam artist and took many people to the cleaners here leaving the country owing hundreds of thousands of dollars of debit and crushed the dreams of many aspiring pro brewers. Micah Rees is not to be trusted and Im hoping we can spread the word and get as many people warned as possible. It seems he has already been bankrupt once before according to

his current website is this.

It seems that the registration of this was in January, preceding his companies folding here and could well indicate his plan to take people for as much as he could get.

There was an original article done

and there is much local discussion on the local Aussie forum AHB

Please spread the word through the industry and shut this clown down before his cancer can take hold again.