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Author Topic: Container hop growing  (Read 10439 times)

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Re: Container hop growing
« Reply #15 on: May 20, 2015, 10:25:56 am »
So after a couple years, what the best thing to do? Dig them out, cut the rhizomes back and replant a small rhizome?

The planters I've got are pretty large, each one took an entire 64-quart bag of potting soil, with room to spare. My wife and I are stuck in a condo for at least a few more years, hoping that the planters can work for a while yet.

I have four varieties, in four half-whiskey bbls.  After three years, they all become quite root bound.  What we did a few months ago was dump all barrels (1 at a time) onto a tarp.  cut out as many rhizomes as we could, then cut the crown in half, and replanted.  My fuggles are 4 feet tall at this point.  and the others are just barely behind that.  Last year, I got over ten pounds of dried hops.  Or at least what I THOUGHT were dried.  They became moldy, and I had to throw them out.  This fall, I will dry them well past when "I think" they are dry enough.  Maybe do that weight process to make sure.