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Multiple Pro-Am wins


Quick question about GABF pro-am entries.  I am new to the competition scene but have noticed a few brewers in the Colorado area have won multiple Pro-Am events.  I thought each AHA member brewer was only able to enter one beer into the GABF Pro-Am event.  So are these brewers taking away chances for the rest of us or am I confused and can they enter several beers as long as the styles of beer are different?

As I read it, you are correct.

According to item 8 under the Homebrewer section of the 2010 GABF Competition Info as it relates to the Pro-Am portion:

--- Quote ---No more than one entry per brewery will be accepted in the GABF Pro-Am Competition. Individual AHA members may be associated with no more than one entry submitted into the GABF Pro-Am Competition judging at the GABF.
--- End quote ---

I think that's pretty clear but - of course - it's up to the organizers to make the call.


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