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Re: State of home-brewing
« Reply #45 on: May 28, 2015, 12:59:56 AM »
Sadly I wonder if it is inevitable for all online forums to die, replaced in part by the grossly inadequate and low-value FB.  We cannot allow this to happen!  If the AHA forum dies, then where will geeks everywhere who are bored or need a brief diversion at their places of work visit online to procrastinate?!
FB can't replace forums due to it's lack of categories/subforums as a filter.  It has a place, IMO, but that place is more for news like items for clubs or breweries/vendors.  I like to use it for events (it's a convenient calendar since it syncs with my phone).  That being said, I really don't have the attention span or patience to follow more than a couple of forums.  Right now, two homebrewing forums are about it for me since one of my other interest forums lost interest for me (the forum, not the interest).

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Re: State of home-brewing
« Reply #46 on: May 28, 2015, 02:57:04 PM »
I'm part of a few FB brewing/beer groups with really great discussions. The group moderators of the larger of the two combs through the material and adds it to a wiki and a rarely used forum so some of the hive knowledge is preserved. I think that's the bigger problem with FB groups. It works fine for information that doesn't have high value over time but absolutely terrible for information that has long term value.
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Re: State of home-brewing
« Reply #47 on: May 28, 2015, 03:15:01 PM »
I feel sorry for LHBS trying to make a go of it in smaller markets.  I live in a town with a greater area population of about 50,000 people. The LHBS here closed 3 years ago, as he couldn't make a go of it.  About a year ago, the local hardware store started selling supplies.  I shop there as much as I can, but the one tough area is yeast.  Liquid yeast needs to turnover quickly, so the hardware store only carries the most popular strains.  They never have any Belgians, so I buy a lot on line.  Their hops selection likewise is pretty limited.

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Re: State of home-brewing
« Reply #48 on: May 28, 2015, 05:08:28 PM »
     I'm so glad to live in an area with 3 separate LHBS' accessible to me during my work week. The main one I use also has an awesome line up of beers from their Brewery side of the business, and even that is split into 2 distinct brands(1 average strength and the second is called Triple Digit Brewing for higher(much) strength brews. Their brewery has expanded several times since I began home brewing 2 years ago, and they are remodeling the store for better bathrooms, and I think expanded tap room area.
     The next one is also now operating as a brewery, but I recently found out that they are contracting out their brewing(they started with a 3 keggle set up to fill the tap room) and now have to have someone else do their brewing to keep up with demand. I hardly ever shop at the third location, but its close when in a pich, just not around any of my work driving really.
     All 3 shops have great, enthusiastic employees who are also home brewers. I don't think Ive really ever been lead too far astray at any of the three. In my limited viewpoint, the business is booming in greater Cincinnati, as was seen last Friday morning at 10am: Main shop I frequent had about 15 cars in the lot, with 5-6 people shopping for ingredients and 2-3 people in the taproom, plus employees: I had to wait in line to check out at the shop side. Granted it was Friday on a holiday weekend, but seemed like no shortage of business to me.
     As an aside, I love to frequent my LHBS', but in OP situation, I might have to look elsewhere. Unless we are friends outside of the shop, I did not come in to hear how your business is declining. Not to sound unsympathetic, but that's not why I came in. Don't try to pressure me with sob stories, or scary rumors about the future of the industry/your shop. Handle your business properly, and the business will/should take care of you.
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