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Mt. Pleasant Brewing Co. "Train Wreck Ale"


I honestly have a hard time with this brewery.  BUT.... this is the first brew of theirs that has made me go Hmmmm?   First taste, I wanted to spit it out but I bought a sixer of it... after about a beer and a half it started reminding me of the first time I tried (1993 or 1994) a S.A. Boston Lager.... you have no idea how much I hated it.  Nowadays I kinda sorta judge S.A. against Boston Lager as far as taste and complexity whether its a lager or not.  So this "trainwreck" is different for sure... not quite sure what to make of it Yet so I think I'll have to buy a few more just to get a grip on it.   ::)  :D

Its got hints of chocolate, flowery, dark for an ale.... does not compute, sensory units overloading... ...

Trying it again tonight, straight out of the bottle instead of a glass, it kinda tastes like chocolate covered cherries or strawberries.  Not a bad beer... definitely better tonight, whether its because its out of the bottle or what I don't know but I kinda like it.   8)


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