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Is S-04 supposed to smell like...


...farts?  I just bottled half a batch of a best bitter made with that yeast (made the other half with 1968), and when I was rinsing out my carboy the yeast had a mild stank to it.  Not rotten eggs, but definitely smelled like butt gas.  Any reason for that?  My beer looked perfectly normal prior to bottling, and tasted fine.

Never used this yeast so can't help there but I think Butt Gas Bitter has a ring to it as a name.

My wife does complain of a sulphorus character imparted by some yeast strains, mainly London and Thames valley Ales.

I've smelled that too.  I think it's the homebrew ghost haunting your brew area with his farts.

Can be a little sulfuric, usually cleans up with conditioning.


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