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Transfer kegged beer to another keg?

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For the life of me I can't find the leak, but a fully charged 5lb CO2 tank is tunning dry connected to one corny keg in less than two weeks with only 7lbs psi applied.  Here's my question: Can I transfer cold carbonated beer from one Corny Keg to a new Corny Keg that I know doesn't have any leaks?  I would appreciate any input.  Thanks.

Yes, you can transfer cold carbonated beer from one corny keg to another, but you have to make sure the other corny keg you are transferring the beer into is at equal pressure, or else the beer will foam.

Also, with the corny keg that leaks, you might want to try and fill up a spray bottle full of soapy water and spray for leaks. Any new bubbles that form will be a leak.

or if you dont trust your spray technique (which is pretty effective)  repressurize after transferring the beer off and just shove the thing in a bath of water.

Very simple method is to purge and pressurize your empty keg with co2.  Hook up liquid line to liquid line, use the gas side on the empty keg as a purge valve to control the flow.  You can also use the blow off valve to control the flow as well.  I use this method to transfer beer into a clean keg after I have cold clarified (2nd Fermentation)

Thanks for the suggestions.  Much appreciated.


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