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Re: San Diego Public Transportation
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I drove a yellow cab once.  They made me get a haircut and verified that I knew where the hospitals and major hotels were located.  Sometimes they provided me with a cab that would stall out or shake real bad at highway speeds.

I don't know much about uber, but it seems that if the fare had to create an account to use it, that would be safer for the driver.  I picked up a couple of dudes who called in for the cab and they subsequently robbed me at gunpoint and locked me in the trunk.  Fortunately the cab stalled out when they tried to drive away. 

Just a different point of view.
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Re: San Diego Public Transportation
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Transportation is regulated by the states and the federal government for a reason.  The whole ride sharing model is a house of cards that is awaiting one marquee lawsuit.  Does Uber require their drivers to carry at least $1M in liability insurance coverage that covers accidents while their vehicles are being used in a commercial capacity?  No, Uber "offers" $1M commercial coverage for UberX ride share accidents.  As one who was seriously injured by a motorist less than a decade ago (as in unable to work and several surgeries injured), I wish those who are unlucky enough to be injured in a Uber ride share-related accident the best of luck while attempting to collect on that policy.  You can bet that Uber's legal team will erect as many "cost saving" roadblocks to your treatment as they possibly get through the legal system.  If one believes that one can navigate that kind of nightmare without the services of a competent attorney, think again.  Additionally, if one believes that one can collect against the driver's personal insurance policy while the driver is in "for hire" mode, think again.  Most personal insurance policies do not cover commercial use of one's vehicle just as one's homeowner's insurance policy does not cover commercial use of one's residence.  Insurance companies can and have denied claims that were associated with the commercial use of vehicle or residence.