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Hey all, I saw that some of you had mentioned Beersmith and had print outs from it in your posts.  I have heard of it but haven't done much looking into it.

Is it worth however much it costs?
Does it work on Mac?

I have created a sort of excel spread sheet to calculate gravity, color (loosely) and IBU, does this program do more than that?

check out the beersmith forum at for details.  Brad is currently working on the Mac interface for the next version (version 2.0, early next year). I believe some users are successfully using an emulator but I'm not sure.
BeerSmith is my brewing log and I use it extensively. 


Thanks Fred.  I'll look forward to the Mac interface.

No Beersmith for Mac yet and I miss it so much. I have tried Beer Tools Pro which has a Mac version but I am so used to Beersmith that it just doesn't cut it for me. The one program I miss when I switched to Mac. I am getting my old Dell Notebook fixed just so I can run Beersmith. What sucks is when it crashed I lost all of my recipes with my Beersmith. Hopefully there is a Mac version soon and my Time Capsule will keep current back ups and I will never have that problem again.

The Adequate Brewer:
I used Beersmith for a couple of years and loved it.  My PC died in Februrary and I got a Mac.  Now I use Beer Alchemy and after much sadness and longing for Beersmith, I got used to the Beer Alchemy interface.  In my opinion it is just as powerful and useful as Beersmith, plus there is an iPhone app version of Beer Alchemy that effectively ties the program to your phone and computer.  No more hauling the laptop out to the back patio while brewing.  It's quite nice.  But hearing the news of a Mac version of Beersmith, I am intrigued.


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