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I probably should have posted this in the new member section... I don't remember where that is honestly.   :-[   :D

Anyway... who am I?  I'm the guy that will stand beside you under any circumstance if you are my friend.  I'll put it all on the line, seriously, just don't bs me or lie to me.  Wives... I've had two, I love both of them, always will, and I'll never say a bad thing about either one because I'm not the easiest person to understand or deal with much of the time... hence why I'm saying this now for your (benefit)?  Children, I couldn't ask for better, from artists to computer geeks that served in the US military, far better people than myself and thats what we all hope for right?

Beer... now there is a subject I've known since I was 14, yeh, actually before that... first beer was a Black Label beer, in the can... same day an old friend damn near blew my ear off with a firecracker he tossed my way.   ::) 

Anyway... I'm a real DieHard... I don't give up, I'm the last person doing it is all.  And I'm kinda a prick when I look for answers that people don't necessarily want to give.  I should have been a cop or like... but I'm too old for that shyt, those boys are FIT today!  Still bet I could carry two of them off without breaking much of a sweat.   ;) :D

Honesty! Best top be honest with yourself and with others even when it hurts.


Cap, when I was a young man, we used to play games with the sheriff.  Yeh, we did get arrested from time to time but WE knew each other and it was kinda FUN at times, most of them have retired now.  Both of us learned things, and I could count on them as much as any close friend... I don't think police today are the same.  They were hard on us but they also had our backs and took care of us.  Its all serious business today, and I can't say I blame them... too many people need a weapon to make themselves tough I guess.  Many of todays kids think they rule, they need lessons thats all and if they don't get them early then they end up learning the hard lesson, sad but true.  I'm no tough guy and I'm no example to follow... I just know whats right most of the time and thats what I will inevitably do... the right thing.   I do miss those days sometimes though...

BTW... the Sheriff and the DNR is the Only police that WILL chase you Off-Road.   :o   ;D

I know, I just kid around. I have a lot of respect for law enforcement, it is most of the time a thankless job.

Times have changed.

I design and build memorials sometimes and I did one for Delaware county. The really sad thing is that a design requirement was that room had to be left available for additional plaques.   :'(

Ha ha, Black Label in the can... I stole plenty of those from my old man. Lucky for me I'm a quick learner. My first trip to Belgium (or anywhere, really) was when I was 18. On that trip I learned a bit about good beer. I also learned a bit about not trying all of them in one night.


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