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Are some beers better than others?

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This is a conversation I'm sure we are all familiar with.  One of our friends is drinking back on a Bud Light Lime and we may say something like, "why don't you try drinking something good?"  Which raises a great question; Is my Pliny the Elder better than his Bud Light Lime?  If so, what makes it better?  It is all a matter of taste, or lack thereof.  Or is there some sort of intrinsic quality that makes Vinnie's crowning achievement superior to the dregs of Anhauser-Busch?

Is Herbie Hancock better than the Jonas Brothers?  These are the questions that haunt us as we walk the fine line between good taste and snobbery.

I'd say PTE and Bud Light are both world-class examples of their respective styles. If you don't like a style, that's different from it being *bad*.

On the other hand, there are definitely beers that are objectively bad. I've had some, commercial and homebrewed.

better is subjective  - whats better to you might be worse to him and vice versa. there are no absolutes.

The Professor:
I went through a beer snob period.
Really, the best beer is the one in your hand, that you enjoy.

And for whatever it's worth, inasmuch as I have been a booster for the micro movement since it began, it must be noted with objectivity that  "big brewing" prejudices aside, A/B-InBev is making some pretty decent specialty beers these days. 
They may yet get it right.


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