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August is the last month of the open enrollment for both the Homebrewers Insurance Program and the new D&O program option, both with an effective date of 9/1. Any club that wants to renew or enroll for the first time will need to contact Jenny (information below).

Great American, the carrier that provides our Homebrew Club Insurance Program, has offered to put together a D&O Insurance offering for clubs that are interested in securing this additional coverage.  D&O Insurance provides liability coverage for the club’s directors and officers for their decisions they make while serving the club in that capacity.  Individuals can be held personally liable for these decisions while representing their club and the D&O insurance provides coverage which includes costs to defend the directors, officers, and the club against a law suit.

The main difference between the current Homebrew Club Insurance Program and a D&O policy is that the Homebrew Club Program provides coverage for the club’s negligence that causes someone to be physically injured or someone else’s property to be damaged because of a mistake by someone in the club or the club’s activities.  The D&O insurance provides coverage should a director or officer or the club be sued by someone based on the decisions made that someone else thinks is wrong. 

An example would be if someone alleges that they were discriminated against in the declination of their membership in the club or the removing of an individual’s membership status in the club.  Also, another example would be if a fellow club member files a suit against the club’s officers because they are unhappy with the direction of the club or use of funds, etc. 

Pricing Includes:
Clubs up to 75 members – $250 annual premium
Clubs 76-150 members – $350 annual premium
Clubs 151 members and higher – $450
*The average cost for a club to secure this coverage on an individual basis is $750-$1,000.

The D&O limits:
$1,000,000 – Per Club
$10,000,00 – Aggregate – shared by all clubs

Jenny can be reached at or 847-623-0456 with any questions, requests to enroll/re-enroll, etc. This program is a terrific member benefit and should be considered by all clubs. And remember, because Gary and his staff felt it was critical to get these programs out to members at the most affordable rate, the AHA receives no commissions or other payments for this program.
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