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Re: HSA Temp
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Now if you pitched at 82F the problem could be ester formation from the warm start.

Even though I don't do it, this is something I've wondered about . . . Is there a time window of opportunity where you can pitch warm but get the temp down quick enough before active fermentation starts so as not to suffer ill effects from ester production?

If you could get it on down in just another 15 minutes or something, I don't see where it would hurt.  Especially if you used dry yeast which would take some time to rehydrate before becoming active, as opposed to a starter that is raring to go.  Then again, if you could get it down to temp that fast, there'd be no reason not to go ahead and wait.  I've taken to getting my wort below my intended fermentation temp, then letting it come up.  This generally takes a few hours in my swamp cooler, but I feel its the safer way to go.

I had a fellow in our brew club the other day who was showing someone how to make beer for the first time, and he told her to pitch the yeast when the wort got below 90F.  I wanted to gag, but he was hosting and I didn't challenge him.  I did tell the group  later about my thoughts on pitching temps though.

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Re: HSA Temp
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I was damn close....
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