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I'm an experienced lager brewer using 820 Octoberfest yeast for the first time and have encountered an unusual situation. I am 23 days into fermentation of a Marzen with an OG of 1.055 that is still vigorously fermenting, but has only gone down to 1.026. I used an active 2L 2 vial starter of fresh yeast for 5.5 gals and hit high krausen after 20 hours, but I'm still chugging along at about one bubble every 7 seconds in my airlock and a nice thick krausen head on the beer. I've never seen a beer ferment this slowly with this level of activity. Any thoughts on why it's so slow or mistakes I may have made. I know that this is a notoriously slow starter, but that wasn't the case with me. Any thoughts/similar experiences. Beer tastes OK, or at least as OK as a fermenting lager can taste.

What's the temperature? I've used that yeast several times, always right around 50°F, and while it's slow it isn't THAT slow.

I started at 50 and allowed it to rise to 55 over the first 3 days where it's stayed. I upped the temp 10 degrees this AM to 65 to coax it along. It's close enough to terminal to call it a diacytal/finishing rest.

I had trouble with it the 2 times I tried it. I bet your diacetyl rest will help.
How big of a starter did you use?

That is unusually slow. Have you checked the calibration of your fermentation chamber?


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