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Oktoberfest NYC 2015
« on: August 21, 2015, 01:52:36 pm »
There's lots of reasons to love Oktoberfest... the steins of beer, the tents, the lederhosen, the pretzels.

If you’re not traveling to Munich this year, you could have missed out on three of the best weeks of your life – until now. This year will be different for you! This year will be the year we bring the Oktoberfest atmosphere from Munich to New York! Start the works outs now to carry a stein in each hand.

But Oktoberfest is about more than authentic German beer! Over 3 weekends, you can experience everything that makes Oktoberfest great. We'll have live music, full Oktoberfest decoration and fun games for the entire family. Along with steins, you'll get some of the best Oktoberfest food that New York has to offer.

Here is the info - We are excited to bring three weekends of the Oktoberfest atmosphere over from Munich to New York!

The event is free. Reserve your ticket today!

Sep 18-19 12pm- 12am
Sept 25-26 12pm-12am
Oct 02-03-04 12pm-12am

Watermark (Pier 15)
78 South Street New York, NY 10038
212 742 8200

We will have live music with steins full of beer, traditional Oktoberfest food for sale and fun for the entire family.