Author Topic: Blond Ale Recipe Critique and Suggestions  (Read 3350 times)

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Re: Blond Ale Recipe Critique and Suggestions
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If you care about style, don't go with too much hop flavor. If you do, your essentially making a very light colored apa. I don't care about style, so I would give it a whirl without thinking twice.
I make hoppy blondes a lot. They are delicious.  I have tried entering them in BJCP contests. No luck. Entered as a blonde they have too much hop flavor and aroma. Entered as APA they are too small, not bitter enough, and not enough hop flavor and aroma. Conundrum. But, they sure do taste good.

Sorry to hear that you didnt win!  But at least from your description i bet your recipe is kickazz! Bet its goooood!
Gonna have to share some time

I think this tim,  I'm gonna do as most have suggested, brew it as I have it scheduled for hops#3 revised and see how it comes out. Then next batch I will go by the style "rules" and see how that compares :)

Tomorrow gonna run over to my brew shop here in Sacramento, CA. And get my Blondie so I can brew this Saturday maybe :)

Thanks again :)
My recipe is similar to your grain bill minus the carapils. Sometimes minus the Vienna.

For hops I do all late hops about 20 IBU (your 25 is probably fine). I usually stick with 1 hop variety.

Thanks for the comments, yea I think the 25 ibu should be cool...
I'm gonna do one without carapils like yours. ;)  and with 20ibu range :)   

Love this web site! Everyone on here is really cool!
Gonna have to trade beers with everyone

Oh my next step is set up a draft system:) more questions
Aplaudir Amigos Y Amigas  :)