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Help me make this Plate chiller work!

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Ok so I found this chiller that is same as the Blichman 30plate one and is 1/3 of price.  Only issue is the threads are either 1/2" or 3/4" male or female depending on what you want.  The 1/2" would be easiest to use for me but, then I don't know how it would effect my flow of water going thru it?  I forget if 3/4" is garden hose size but, doubt it?  But, if I get 3/4" I have hard time finding the QD plugs to fit it?  Someone help me?  Here is link for chiller:

Matt B:
I would get the 3/4" and there are adapters for 3/4" NPT or 1/2" NPT <-> 3/4" hose thread that you can get at Lowe's/Home Depot/OSH/Insert Favorite Hardware Store Here.

3/4" NPT is not garden hose, but there are lots of BRASS NPT-->Garden Hose adapters out there but I have not seen those in stainless.  I'd go with the 1/2" NPT or hose barb.

Those coupling inlets won't matter, it will be the size of your hose barb connector that will matter since they will be reduce it down to the hose size you're using anyway.  You posted on NB about it, go with whatever hose you have because the manufacturer told you the GPM on it and either of those hoses should work, I forget what the GPM for my water supply line for the house will handle but its a pretty large number and its only one inch diameter.  The day I hooked it up it was throwing water in a solid stream at least 15 feet or more with only a 1/2 hp pump pushing it from 68 feet down the well.  Great tasting water btw, very limited without modifications for brewing though.  Don't sweat it so much... use what you have or can afford.   ;)

Whichever size you can get your usual connectors in.


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