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Briess Cherry Smoked Malt

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Anyone have any experience/opinions on the Briess Cherrywood Smoked Malt? How do you think it compares with Weyermann Rauch as far as intensity and flavor?

I just started drinking an Amber ale with this malt, I used 1lb in a 10 gallon batch , and although you can detect it's presence, I didn't get that classic rauch malt/peaty aroma or taste I was after , but, I am going to increase the % and try again . I love the smell of the cherrywood, so I am not giving up on it.

I heard contradicting reports.
Some people loved it and some hated it.
When I brew RauchBier I use 90% of Weyermann smoked malt.
I do not think that I would switch Weyermann with Briess in this recipe.

I made Drew Beechum's Cherrywood Smoked Mild recipe and it came out fantastic.  The recipe calls for a 50/50 combo of Maris Otter and Cherrywood Smoked malt and a tiny bit of other dark malts.

I'm glad that recipe continues to work for people! It seems to be pretty well loved across the board.

Which reminds me.. gotta go rack my smoked boddington's


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