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Wow oh wow.. Barrel Aged Beer Tasting

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Got back from the Stuffed Sandwich and their tap tasting style this month is "Barrel Aged Beers". Holy sweet baby Jesus.

'09 Allagash Dark Odyssey Wheat Ale
08 Ommegang Rogue Ale
09 Allagash Curieux Bourbon Barrel Tripel
09 Grand Teton Lost Continent DIPA
08 Hair of the Dog - Fred from the Wood Flanders - Fred as a Brett based oak aged beer
08 Hair of the Dog - Adam from the Wood (Bourbon Barrel)
10 Firestone Walker - Parabola RIS Barrel aged
09 BrewDog Paradox RIS 0 Isle of Arron
10 Lost Coast Fog Cutter Barrel Aged Barleywine.

The whole sampler flight cost $23.50, but damn was it worth it.

The Professor:
wow indeed...looks like a stellar selection!
Did you have a favorite?

Erm... tough call.

I liked the Paradox more than the Parabola.

The initial taste of the Fred from Wood Flanders was great, but after a while it felt like it needed some bite. The Adam grew on me because the initial sip was all bourbon barrel. The Ommegang was wunderbar.

About the only one I can say that I categorically didn't like was the Grand Teton - too candyish.

I was supposed to make it over there Friday afternoon, but we ended up rescheduling for the 19th. I hope I can still get a sampler flight then.

Well, I made it, and it was amazing. My two favorites were the Russian River Consecration (aged in oak barrels with currants) and the Moylan's Kilt Lifter (aged in apple brandy port barrels). The Brewdog Tokyo Imperial Stout was also very interesting (aged in French oak with cranberries and jasmine, dry hopped, 18.2% abv).


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