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OK - so in my 4th batch of home brew I spaced out and ended up scorching some extract  in a (toasted) hefeweizen - not a lot but enough to darken the color to a light amber.

What can I ecpect it to taste like?   

First off... what's done is done, so RDWHAHB!  You'll know next time not to leave your pot unattended or stir better/faster next go round. As far as character goes, you'll probably have some undesirable (per style) toastiness but depending upon the yeast selected may turn out better than expected. Call it Amberweizen!   ;D     

moreweizened?  that's how we learn.


I was thinking "Whole Wheat Toast" for the name

Bottled this last night and tried a sample - not too bad just looks a bit funny


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