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Hi All! I just got here and will probably be around a while. It's great that the AHA got itself a forum. It'll be the first homebrew forum I plan to stick to.

About me - I've been brewing for 15 years or so and have been an AHA member for 6 or 7 years or something like that. I'm a recent convert to all-grain (2 years), mostly because it's the only reasonable option in my adopted homeland of Belgium. Yes, I live in Belgium and yes, I still brew my own. In the USA, I usually preferred to brew bigger, more Belgian-like brews. Here, I've been sticking to lower ABV, American-ish/German-ish styles with perhaps a Belgian twist. My latest was an IPA-ish sort of beer brewed with a hint of rye and yeast harvested from a Saison Dupont.

I'm off to explore the forum...

Welcome aboard! Nothing wrong with brewing American style beers in Belgium. That's why I brew most of the beers I do, I can't buy them local.

Welcome!  Silly question: "Is homebrewing legal in Belgium?"


Welcome, theoman!


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