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I have soft water calcium 20ppm carbonate 26ppm sodium 40.8ppm chloride 74ppm sulfate 26pm when I mash with fully modified english malt (maris otter) I get a ph of 4.8 and have to add 6+gm of calcium carbonate just to get the ph to 5.0 (I also have crystal malt in there as well) I did a belgian pilsner grain mash and got a ph of 5.0.  I want to do some darker beers ( munich dunkle, Barley wine etc.)  Am I going to have to add a lot more calcium carbonate to overcome the acidity of the darker malts and is it detrimental to  the mash and sparge if I do?

Any magnesium in your water?  Either way I'd say that your water should be fine for beers in the 6-11 SRM range.

Check out this spreadsheet for determining your water adjustments.  It's easy to use (hence the name) and I've found it to be pretty accurate:

What are you measuring pH with?


--- Quote from: narvin on June 04, 2010, 10:38:19 PM ---What are you measuring pH with?

--- End quote ---

Yes, 4.8 seems a bit low. How much crystal of what color are you using?


I am using ph test strips to measure my ph I have 4.4ppm magnesium in the water.  I have about a pound of 60L crystal malt.  My IPA I had 1.5lb victory malt and a pound of english crystal malt about 145L


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