Author Topic: What's Brewing this Weekend? 01/18/2014  (Read 11549 times)

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Re: What's Brewing this Weekend? 01/18/2014
« Reply #345 on: May 22, 2015, 12:51:06 PM »
Christmas beer time!  Making a spiced brown ale (bordering on porter) that I hope I can keep out of until December.  Consider adding apricots, raisins and cranberries, but maybe not.  At least I've got time to mull it over.  Also making a raspberry chocolate stout before it's too hot outside to want it. 

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

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Re: What's Brewing this Weekend? 01/18/2014
« Reply #346 on: May 24, 2015, 06:57:34 AM »
I have a big triple brewday planned for Thursday. I'm planning on making a Saison, a Pyment and a Lambic-style sour - all using Gerwurztraminer must from a wine kit.

Tonight I'm (hopefully) going to start the sour wort process for the sour. The plan is to reconstitute Wheat DME in a keg with hot water, drop the pH to 4.5 with lactic acid, and innoculate with some Pils malt. After I pull out the grains, I'll seal and purge the keg and throw it in a cooler with hot water bottles. I'm hoping I can keep it hot enough to get plenty sour by Thursday. Then I'll heat it to 170F or so to kill off the bugs. I'm going to primary with US-05 for a few days before pitching a big starter of Orval dregs that I've stepped up a few times.
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