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After being on these board for a few months, I put up the funds. 8) Can't wait for the first issue of Zymurgy.

Jimmy K:
Awesome! Zymurgy's a great magazine.

- Sent by my R2 unit

I Just joined a few weeks ago.  Ever since joining, I've been using and browsing the site more, been super excited waiting on my first issue of Zymurgy, and even got a free book with my membership, which I've been reading through. 

Well worth the what, 3 bucks a month?  Access eZymurgy is also nice. 

The Zymurgy mag is well worth it. Also now available via an app with your iPhone or Android devices.  8)

I am a member. I moved to Mississippi 5 years ago and discovered there were still states where it was illegal to homebrew. AHA helped change that. AHA President Gary Glass came to MS and met with homebrewers and legislators. Shortly after our law was changed.  I really appreciate Gary's help and will stay an AHA member for life.

PS. The grass roots campaign headed by our "Raise your pints" led the way. I am a lifetime (aka Growler) member of that organization also.


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