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I do use it. Zymurgy magazine, pub discounts...this website! A lot of cool things. It's defiantly worth it!


Hell yes, I'm a member!  :)  It looks like we're on track to finally get homebrewing legalized in all 50 states this year, and although I can't go into details, we're closer to getting homebrew shipping legalized than we've ever been!  Also, we have special "Members Only" sections planned for the website and forum, so you'll get even more value with your AHA membership.

I am currently a member however I admit to going through spells where I forget to renew. I do the same thing with the local Public Radio station until I am shamed into renewing my membership.

Denny, the legalization thing in all 50 stats is great news - but I will only believe it when I see it.

I am as well, and I am wearing pants at the moment. :)

I love beer!!!  It's almost as good as ......

Now behave Fred,  this is a family rated board.

I am a member, and am always willing to help out a fellow brewer.

If you have not done so already Join.  It is worth it.


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