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Which craft beers are pasteurized?

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This question came up during a recent BJCP prep class.

Which craft beers are pasteurized?

We were mostly talking about bottled (and canned) versions. What about kegged craft beers? Imports?

I know some beers are bottled conditioned, so those won't be pasteurized, but what about the rest?

Pawtucket Patriot:
Wouldn't any beer that's been in the boil kettle be pasteurized?  Or does pasteurization of beer entail pasteurizing it post-fermentation?

He means after it is fermented.

Rick, I think most kegged beers are not pasteurized. I know that Sierra Nevada bottles are not pasteurized. Not much, but it's a start!

Pawtucket Patriot:
I modified my post as you were typing, tom.   ;)  I wondered if that's what he meant.

I'm going to flat out say that virtually no craft beer is pasteurized!

It entails extra equipment, money and time and between you me and the tree - most craft breweries just can't afford any of those.

Not to mention the fact that since most craftbrewers have approached the field from the idea of making a more natural and "crafty" product, they take it as a point of pride to not pasteurize. Hell, think of the number of them who proudly state that they don't filter their beer.


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