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Hey all, I brew a decent amount of IPA's and think I make some pretty damn good ones.  I generally keep things simple generally just using mostly pale malt with a touch of crystal. My next brew will be all one base malt (golden promise), and my disussion will be mainly for mash temps as I would like to keep some unfermentables in there to keep a touch of sweetness in the finished product.

Here is the recipe I am kicking around:
100% Golden Promise (1.065 OG)

75 IBU
60 mins 1.5 Magnum 14%
10 mins 1.0 Simcoe 13%
5 mins 1.0 Magnum 14%
FO 1.0 Simcoe
FO 1.0 Citra
DH 1.0 Citra
DH1.0 Simcoe

I'm thinking about mashing this at about 153-154°, but looking for opinions on wheather I should go higher or lower.

It depends on whether you like a more full bodied or a dryer IPA. Personally I like a touch of crystal and medium body for my IPA's. What kind of yeast are you using? I would set my mash temp based off of the yeast performance.

Do you have any Cascade or Amarillo. They would go good with the Simcoe... especially amarillo.

I love Citra...hope it sticks around.

I usually use C40 and Carapils in my PA & IPA, and mash around 152. 

Yeast is up in the air, but I would like to use 1450 soon so I was thinking of using that one.  I wouldn't say I want a really full body, but a nice medium body.  I always use crystal malts (generally mashing around 151°) and thought about using a single malt this time and get the residule sweetness (and body) from mash temps.

I like the Gp idea, and mashing at 154 will give you some more dextrins to help overcome a lack of crystal.

I don't like your hop schedule.  FO and DH choices and amounts = awesome!

Magnum at 5 yeck

Simcoe at 10 = awesome!

I would say you need to at least double those late additions, use something other than magnum late (early is where its best) and maybe even consider moving the 10 to 15.

I'd do:

2oz Simcoe at 15min
2oz Amarillo or Centennial at 5 min
then what you have listed at FO and DH.  

Reduce your 60min Magnum a bit to account for the IBU contributions of more late hops.

1450 will work well with this I think, particularly since it leaves a fuller, maltier flavor than chico, and being that you're using one malt, I think it'll complement nicely.


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