Author Topic: What are your most frequently used ale/lager liquid yeasts, post yours please.  (Read 3041 times)

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These I use routinely
1056 Am
1728 Scott
2308 Munich
5526 Brett L
5335 Lacto
3724 Belgian Saison

On occasion
1084 Irish
3763 Roselare

1275 Thames Valley (jury still out, Im looking for a favorite English)

Coming up soon
2352 Munich II
2278 Czech

I thought I was pretty much a boring brewer till I actually listed them out. Yikes!

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I thought I was pretty much a boring brewer till I actually listed them out. Yikes!

Ha, yeah, after listing mine out, I actually realized I am a boring brewer. Pretty much just lagers with a few strains and a couple ale strains mixed in here and there.

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Reading through this thread I realized how few strains I have used over six years, or at least how few strains I had purchased.

As far as the business goes you can see most brewers tend to use a relatively small set of all the strains available to us from the major labs. The prospective business owner should look at how the distributor will allow purchases to be made (e.g. whether there are set blocks of yeast strains that must be bought and volume pricing) and what policies are available to facilitate orders (e.g. distributor takeback of unsold and expired yeast and ease of special ordering). Ideally the shop should sell every strain it can afford to stock but if the shop is losing money on expiring yeast and the variety isn't bringing in customers to make up for those losses then a more limited selection is more prudent.
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Excellent thread, I'm going to use this data to get some more ideas of my own.  I use dry yeast about 50% of the time, but my favorite liquid yeasts in approximate order of use and favoritism (all good, none "bad"):




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One other thought - find out which brand your competitor carries and carry the opposite. My closest LHBS's carry White Labs. If someone nearby carried Wyeast I'd be a frequent flier.
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He's gonna carry both, but probably WYeast for ales (it's hands down the more popular brand for ales for some reason) and White labs for lager. Lager seems to be 50/50 to leaning in white labs direction.

White labs also has a new packaging system that is supposed to stay viable up to 50% for 10 - 12 months. I'm basing this on what my buddy told me, and what the white labs rep told him. I haven't looked it up. It has to do with growing the yeast in the packaging so that it never loses it's stores and it 99.9% viable when it ships. Again, don't quote me on that I haven't researched it.

My buddys (the shop owner) problem is that he has a stigma to overcome. He bought the shop from the previous owners and they didn't really cater to brewers, more for wine making. He's revamped it to offer everything. It's now my go to shop since the inventory has been changed and I can get all the malts and yeast (coming) I need now and it's a lot closer to home.

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For liquid yeasts


WY1968 Fullers
WY1469 Tim Taylor
WY3787 Westmalle


WLP833 Ayinger

would be my most common, although I use a lot of other liquids yeasts. 

All my American ales, I stick to dry yeast.  I also use a lot of 34/70 for lagers.

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Wlp090, 001,  002,  007,  013,  300 for ales. Wlp830, 833, 835, 838 for lagers.

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My list is short:
1)  The Survivor (origin unknown, handed to me as a slurry in a mayo jar back in the early 80s and saved on slants after going through around 30 generations)
2)  1272/BRY97 (original Ballantine ale strain) (probably should be's my most used choice this year)
3)  1099
4)  1968

I've played around with lots of others over the years, but these four are the core to which I always return (I like repeatability and so see little point in switching up yeasts very often).
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BRY-97 I really need to give this yeast another try.  I have to say 007 is my favorite for so many styles.  This list makes me think about a lot of yeasts that I've never looked at. 

I generally use these most:
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1056 - American Ale
1099 - Whitbread
3711 - French Saison
3787 - Trappist High Gravity
3068 - Weihenstephan Weizen
2308 - Munich Lager
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White Labs:

001 California Ale
002 English Ale
380 Hefeweizen IV
510 Bastogne Belgian Ale
530 Abbey Ale
565 Belgian Saison
655 Belgian Sour Mix
830 German Lager
833 German Bock
838 South German Lager
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