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Heat or no heat

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no heat, but I sometimes put the honey in the window sill for a few hours to let it warm up.  putting it in the sink with warm water around the outside of the container would be the same. 

So far, I have tried to bring it up to Pasteurization temps.  There is a school of thought on not heating, but IMO fermentation is
all about creating the correct environment for the Yeast to have optimum conditions.  To me, Pasteurization insures that the
competing organisms that MAY be present in the mix, are nullified. Another reason that reinforces my thinking on this is my
pocket book. The price of the ingredients and production labor and cleanup are weighty enough that to have a contaminated batch would be too costly IMO.  So for me, insurance, yes please.....

In the past I have heated to sanitize, but I no longer use any heat. I just don't see any reason to anymore.

1vertical - I did what you are doing for my first two batches for the same reasons.  Since then I've been doing no heat method for about the next 150 batches.  No problems what so ever.

On the other hand, if I have a batch of fruit that I believe to be suspect (visible signs of mold and rust) I have been known to sulfite the must for a day befor I pitch yeast.  I rarely do this because I'm not a fan of sulfiting.

Looks at poll results....scratches head....says notes are being taken  :-\


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