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Adding roast flavor post primary?

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Want a little more roast flavor/color in a beer that went into secondary last night (DAMN ME for not double crushing the grains this time!!!!!!

Initial thought:

Make a mini-mash of Roasted/Carafa. Boil/cool and add to secondary.
I really wont get much in the way of fermentables but was thinking of fermenting it out and then adding.

I just did that. I had a Foreign stout that I wanted more roast in. I got a pound of roast barley and soaked it, then boiled it. I cooled it in the fridge and then added it to the keg until I got the roast I wanted. No worries about any fermentables.

Thanks for clarifying

I'll do a taste test on what volume and then add it.
Beer was 68 and flat when I sampled it. I'll cool and force carb a sample to see if it really needs it before adding anything but my head tells me it needs a little.

I'll definitely pour some samples and add by tiny increments to get it where I want it.

Fun hobby isnt it  8)

Would you boil or steep? Would there be a tannin threat?

I steeped the grain and then boiled the wort. My stout was in a keg so I just added some cooled wort in portions until I got the roast I was looking for


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