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Author Topic: Assistance with Potomac River Water Test Results  (Read 999 times)

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Assistance with Potomac River Water Test Results
« on: November 21, 2015, 09:04:53 pm »
So I bought a Lamott lab kit and tested my water here in Shepherdstown, WV right on the Potomac river. The results are below and I'm curious if anything stands out and how accurate they look if anyone knows. Next step is to figure out how to get these values in Bru'n Water or another spreadsheet..

Chloride = 40ppm
Sulfate = 75ppm
Total Alkalinity CaCO3 = 100ppm
Residual Alkalinity = 76ppm
Total Hardness = 100ppm
Calcium Hardness = 70ppm
Magnesium Hardness = 30ppm
Sodium = 62ppm
Magnesium = 7ppm
Calcium = 28ppm

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Re: Assistance with Potomac River Water Test Results
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2015, 06:24:50 am »
That water is not bad, although without putting this into Brun Water, I suspect the profile is slightly out of balance (cation/anion ratio). You can easily manage that bit of alkalinity with a liquid acid, like phosphorous or lactic. For very soft water profiles, like a Czech Pils, you will want to dilute with RO or distilled water.  Of course, I would carbon filter and use Camden tablets to deal with any residual chlorine or chloramines. I have a walk through for Brun Water at my blog if that helps.
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