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What is more appealing to you? Hersbrucker or Mt Hood/Crystal


Another Pils is coming up and I am trying to use up what I have on hand this summer before I reload in the fall.

Having a bit of a tough time deciding between:

Hersbrucker or

50:50 Crystal/Mt Hood

*this is for the late additions only.

I usually use a mix of either Hallertau or Mt Hood and Tettnanger, but I am low on the two german hops, so I'm looking to 'speriment. 

Magnum for the 60 min addition always.

What's your vote? 

I've been messing around with American Hallertauer Cultivars with my kolsch and, while there have been some good and interesting brews with Vangaurd, Mt Hood and Crystal, none have been as good as Hersbrucker or Mittlefruh for my tastes.

Mt. Hood has a piney character that I don't care for.  Haven't tried Vanguard but made a Lite American Lager with Liberty and it was fantastic.  I've made Oktoberfests with Liberty and Tetnang and they were great too.


I've never tried crystal hops in a Pilsner, but I have tried Mt. Hood and Hersbrucker.  I love Hersbrucker it's like candi, but on a Pilsner I would choose the Mt. Hood hop combination, because Hersbrucker is really smooth, where as Mt. Hood had a bite to it.


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