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Keg, bottle or both?

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Many homebrewers never keg, and many who set up a kegging system never bottle again.

And yet, some of us who do use kegs still bottle a significant amount to provide as gifts and competitions. And some keg exclusively but use a counter pressure bottle filler or beer gun to fill the occassional bottle.

How much do you bottle? Keg?

I only keg for the past two years.

I have about 100 bottles ready to go if the need ever arises though.

I only bottle because it is the best way and there is no other way to store beer!!!!


Actually I don't have a kegging system (yet) but Santa may be good to me this year.  I'd expect I would only bottle after that if I had all my kegs in use and needed the keg.  I would then bottle to free up the keg.  And also bottle for competitions.

I'm about 80/20 kegging to bottling. Most of my funky/big beers get the bottle, whereas "normal" stuff goes into the kegs.

I keg almost exclusively.

I would bottle more...but I'm just too lazy. Kegging is so much easier.


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