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Harvesting Yeast from Commercial Beer

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Seems there's only one list that everyone refers to for culturing yeast from and it's way out of date.
I do it because I feel like I'm getting a two-fer if I buy a great beer and then get to use the yeast to boot.
Maybe we can build a current list here?

Rogue Chocolate Stout
Schneider Weisse

On Deck:unconfirmed
Allagash White
SN Kellerweis

Yeah, I like wheat beer.


Bell's THA
Bell's Winter White (which is an American/Belgian blend)
DFH Raison d'Extra (which is allegedly WLP099)
Duvel - I believe this is a different bottling strain.

Saison Dupont
Jolly Pumpkin La Roja

I've had great results with Saison Dupont, and Delirium Tremens (which, people claim is not the primary strain, but it tastes damn good to me).

I've failed with Rochefort twice.  Not sure if they had been sitting in a warehouse for a while or what.

I think I asked at tastybrew, but here goes again.

I tried with Brother Thelonius and got some activity.

Then I got lazy and it has been in a growler for about 6 months in my basement between 58-68 degrees.

Is it work trying to rekindle this stuff?


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