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Author Topic: Opinions on SS Mesh Hop "Spiders"  (Read 6136 times)

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Re: Opinions on SS Mesh Hop "Spiders"
« Reply #15 on: June 21, 2016, 12:21:46 pm »
Had a bit of a better experience this last weekend with the filter.  I "teabag" the whole thing about every ten minutes during the boil with the bittering hops in there.  I was doing a simple APA and the hops should have given me 80ibus, which I would think would be a very assertive bitterness.  The bitterness was quite evident in the final wort sample, but I would guess it's more along the lines of 40ibus, say a tinge more bitter than SNPA.  I needed to boil for about 20minutes more than the standard 60 to get to my proper volume.  Took the basket out at 60 and cleaned it.  Back in for the final few with some finishing hops.  Probably only lost half a gallon or so.  Was losing much more than that before. 

I can live with this procedure.  I'm surprised more people haven't had this problem though.  I have the 400um 8'' screen and tend to shoot for about 17gal of chilled wort.  Typically 4oz of pellets for bittering, and 4oz of late hops.  I am at 2500' elevation so water boils at ~207degF or so, and had thought that might have something to do with the loss of bittering, but did a smidge of research and it seems like it shouldn't make a noticeable difference.  The hops are more or less stagnant in the basket.  I'm guessing that's the culprit more than anything, but I wouldn't write off a wonky palette either.  Perhaps I should revisit a known standard like SNPA.  It's supposed to be 35ibus, right?