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Rye Juniper Belgian White



Does anyone have a recipe for a rye juniper Belgian white?

My dad called me last night to say he tried one at Court Ave Brewery in Des Moines, IA and that it was one of the best summer beers he's ever tasted. I'm in MD and don't plan a trip to IA anytime soon, but sounds like something fun to brew at home. Does anyone have any ideas, insights or recipes for a beer?

Thanks in advance,

I am gonna brew a saison soon with Juniper berries.  Hint; Freeze the juniper for a spell
prior to crushing and putting in the boil for better extraction of flavors.
Have fun and good luck.

I did a saison with unfrozen and uncrushed juniper added to the secondary along with other spices.  Didn't pick up much juniper flavor or aroma.  I'll try freezing and crushing and boiling the juniper next time.

If you really want to get wild, cut a couple or 3 fresh sprigs of Juniper branch
add to some hot wert long enough to stew some flavor out... then add that liquid to
your cooling wert as it is going in the fermenter....don't over do it tho, unless you like
the taste of gin flavored beer...and because there are oils that might hinder head retention.

Research the term "Sahti"


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