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Author Topic: Chicago area, selling my equipment, kettle, fermenter, blichmann  (Read 1689 times)

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I've just been too busy with a new job, I cannot get the time to brew anymore. I've decided to sell off all of my equipment. I'd prefer to see if anyone is interested in the entire group of items before piece mealing it out, if someone is willing to purchase the entire lot you get everything - the entire list below plus all of my misc parts: extra corny keg seals, fermenter seals, stainless steel fittings, extra valves, polysulfone disconnects, Blichmann hop blocker and hop rocket, yeast flasks, stir plate, mash paddle, stir spoons, tubing, gas piping, solenoids, water filters, buckets and on. Since I just made this decision I'd thought I would get the word out now. I'm starting out today with a list of the items and a few pics, then more pictures and more info. I have a RIMS system that I made using controllers and equipment from Auber. Everything is in good condition and well kept.

 Also on


 55gal Blichmann Boilermaker G1 kettle
 30gal Blichmann Boilermaker G1 kettle with false bottom
 27gal Blichmann conical fermentor with tri clamp fittings
 15gal keggle with 25' stainless steel coil -liquor tank
 RIMS controller with probes and hookups
 Blichmann plate chiller
 Schmidling adjustable (one end) malt mill
 3- March high temp pumps - one is brand new not used
 5lb aluminum CO2 tank with dual regulator
 8 Corny kegs - ball lock
 Boil stand with 32 jet burner - natural gas
 2 - 23 jet 9" dia. burner stand for liquor tank and mash tun - natural gas

 Also have a 19.5 cuft Fridigaire glass door commercial fridge with ranco controller - 27gal fermenter fits in it - fermenterator

 $2900.00 OBO for it all!

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Re: Chicago area, selling my equipment, kettle, fermenter, blichmann
« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2016, 10:36:14 am »
Its a shame to see a brewer leave. And its a shame I dont live near the chicago area, although that system is likely too big for my consumption. Good luck
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Re: Chicago area, selling my equipment, kettle, fermenter, blichmann
« Reply #2 on: February 03, 2016, 06:19:34 pm »
Is this still available?