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Are all Corny Kegs the same size?

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I am looking to move into Kegs, and I already have the luxury of a fridge… so I am looking to see what the best layout of Kegs in the fridge is.   What I have found is that my shelves are 24 inches deep and 28 inches wide.  My thought is to put thee kegs on their side across the fridge shelf.

However, in looking through the internet, I have seen two different sizes for corny kegs listed:  One is 9” dia, 23” tall.  The other is 25” tall and 8.5” dia in dimension.   Based on limited number of samples, it appears that Pin Lock kegs are 9x23 consistently, and Ball Lock kegs are 8.5x25 consistently.

So I am looking to find out if the dimension difference is based on keg style, or if the dimensions are somewhat random.  Also, if Pin/Ball locks are different dimensions, but consistent … how hard is it to get/find parts for pin lock vs ball lock? (The majority of places I see online have ball lock parts)

Thanks for sharing the wisdom!

As far as I know, each keg type (pin & ball lock) has its own uniform size.  This would, of course, be for unmodified kegs.  If someone took a ball lock keg and swapped the fittings to pin lock, you'd have a slightly shorter/squatter pin lock keg.

I think many people prefer ball lock but I have seen a few online stores selling a full line of parts for pin lock kegs.

Cool!   So even if I cannot source Pin Lock parts, I can always convert to Ball Lock down the line !?!  That is very convenient!

Thanks for the info. 

Should be able to.  The trick is to make sure the threads on the posts match the fitting.  Some places have kits with new posts.


--- Quote from: wingnut on June 18, 2010, 03:56:51 PM ---My thought is to put thee kegs on their side across the fridge shelf.
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All the dip tubes I've seen draw from either the center of the keg, or directly below the out post. Either way, you'll need to fabricate a custom dip tube to be able to dispense the whole keg while it's on its side.


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