Author Topic: Adding cocoa nibs to milk Stout soon how much  (Read 1286 times)

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Adding cocoa nibs to milk Stout soon how much
« on: January 12, 2016, 04:14:35 pm »
Hey everyone.

I'm getting ready to keg the  milk Stout 5.5 fermenter but obviously 5 gallons into keg

I'm planning to add .75lbs (slightly lower than 1lb)  lactose at kegging..Shouldn I go 1lb??

I'm thinking of adding cocoa nibs to the fermenter before I rack it..
What's the dosage rate cocoa nibs,  and how long..??  Is it worth it??  But I've heard/ read that. Chocalte extract is best....

Coca nibs str8 to the fermenter in a muslin bag with string......I'm 2 weeks now into the fermentation this Friday and at  F.G now/  71 F rest temp for a week current... since I'm unavailable to cold crash at moment...I will cold crash by Wednesday or Friday of this week and then keg after the few days at cold temps..

I saw some of the posting with hatred for lactose...  Cmon what did lactose do to you..lo.. Actually I'm not in very sweet beers..  But I do like young s double choc. Milk Stout..occasionally...

Actually trying to make the man's milk from Noble Ale works...

I think my Wort flavor is killer I don't want to mess it up with too much lactose and flavors from the nibs...

My rant is done..

Aplaudir Amigos Y Amigas  :)