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toasting flaked corn?

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I've heard of toasting flaked oats to add some flavor, has anyone ever tried toasting flaked corn?
Any reason not to give it a try?

I can't think of a beer that should have corn in it that also should have a toasted or roasted flavor.

I like CAPs and Cream ales (even light lagers,) but even a dark American lager should not taste very roasted.

Give it a try, then post the results so others can learn.  Hey, this is what homebrewers do!

I am kicking around the idea of making a Smoked CAP, going light on the smoked grains.  If you have had Shiner Smokehouse you know this could work.  If you like ears of corn roasted on the grill, you should like this.  One of the decisions in the process is which wood to smoke the grain with? 

The recipe I am brewing is a Yuengling Porter clone from the Clone Brews book. So toasty or roasty is ok. 
I know flaked corn doesn't usually go in a porter but that's what they call for.
I also know that the Clone Brews book isn't the best recipe book but I want to give it a try anyway.
I have read that people roast coffee in popcorn poppers.
I was thinking of trying to roast some grocery store pearl barley in one.

A little toasted corn might taste good!


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