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Author Topic: For Sale: Glycol Line Chiller  (Read 1029 times)

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For Sale: Glycol Line Chiller
« on: July 20, 2016, 12:09:55 pm »
I am new to the forum and since I found it I will be coming back for the wealth of knowledge. The reason I am here is to sell a glycol line chiller I bought about 2 years ago for the kegerator I had in the basement. After a remodel, I now have room to move the kegerator into the kitchen and I no longer have a use for the line chiller. You can find the Craig's List post here...

I also have about 25 ft, maybe a little less, of trunk line I will throw in. I believe the trunk will support 6 taps. It is posted on Craig's List for $600. When you call or text let me know you found it on and your price is $500.

I am legit and will speak to you on the phone. You can talk to my wife too if you want.