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Author Topic: communion beer  (Read 5587 times)

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Re: communion beer
« Reply #45 on: February 17, 2016, 01:21:36 pm »
I like the fact that the monks are not teetotalers.  My pastor hosts a weekly "Theology on Tap" at a craft beer pub located down the street from my church - to give folks an opportunity to have a few brews and discuss religion and religious issues in a laid back environment. I think that is a refreshing approach.

I am Catholic.  Last week, Ash Wednesday, while I was fasting, I purposely had a beer since it's not specifically excluded from "the rules".  Liquid bread & water!  I was careful not to eat too much all day though.

We have a Catholic priest as a member of our local homebrew club as well.  He's pretty deep into craft beer and getting into the brewing thing as well.  Unfortunately he's on a Navy ship someplace now as a chaplain so I won't see him often anymore.  We had some interesting discussions and times together though, I can tell you.

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